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Allen Engagement

Our first attempt at an engagement session was at Cataract Falls about a month ago. I had this vision of the lower falls cascading behind them and it was going to be gorgeous! We arrived at the falls and realized they were flooded! If you've ever been to Cataract then you know how the lower falls should look. The entire fall was under water. It looked like a lake! We still were able to make it work and get some great shots, but the vision of a waterfall in the background was still stuck in my head.

I scoped out the waterfalls last week and it was still flooded! So we went to Thistlewaite Falls instead. Thistlewaite is a man-made waterfall in Richmond. It's just off the road so if you don't know to look for it then you'll drive right by.

We also took a quick trip over to Cole's grandma's farm. Sunrise + old truck + farm = amazing photos! These two were troopers in the warm temperatures, but I think you'd agree it was worth it!

Fun fact: Cole proposed to Jami in a field at his grandma's farm. How adorable is that?!

I love that these two are down for any of my crazy ideas and let me try out different lighting on photos. We were able to capture some pretty amazing sun rays at the farm and some gorgeous photos in front of Thistlewaite. I can't wait for their wedding!

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