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Updated: Sep 30, 2018

#GirlBeBrave has been the slogan for 2018 as Marcy looked the Devil in the face and said, "not this time."

I wouldn't have believed this story myself unless I was personally there to see it all unfold. In March of 2018, after coughing for weeks, Marcy finally decided to visit a clinic. The nurse at the clinic thought she had a flu that's contracted by inhaling bird poo in the air. [weird, right!?] She said something looked odd though and told her to go to the ER.

Marcy went to the ER and by the end of the week she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

This is the point when most people would loose hope. Throw in the towel. Give up. If you know Marcy, you know that's just not her. She surrounded herself with positive phrases- notepads, car stickers, coloring books....all reminding her to #girlbebrave.

Her doctor said it was best to take out the whole lung due to where the infected lymph node was situated. Yes, you read that correctly --remove the entire lung.

A little backstory:: Marcy was born with scoliosis so her spine was curved. Due to this one of her lungs never fully developed and was smaller than the other. Her other healthy fully developed lung had been doing the majority of the work most of her life. Guess which lung needed to be removed? The cancerous lung was the smaller, underdeveloped one that her body really didn't need anyway. Her body has been preparing for this literally her entire life!

Originally chemotherapy and radiation were off the table; however, during surgery they found more infected lymph nodes outside of the lung. Chemo took months and at times was draining, but I never once caught Marcy without a smile. I'm happy to report Marcy is cancer free now. I'm not sure what God has planned for her, but I'm going to stick around to watch because it must be something big if He's been perfectly planning it for this long.

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