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Celeste's Yellow Brick Road

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

She's being called the Tin Woman as she's simply asking for a heart.

The Anderson family: Celeste, Chris and their daughter Avonlea.

Boxes upon boxes line the wall full of dialysis solution. An IV stand waits in the corner for the next round of dialysis. Like clockwork, Celeste hangs a bag every four hours.

Celeste is no stranger to obstacles. When she was nine she was diagnosed with diabetes. Something as simple as an ingrown toenail would send her to the hospital. At the age of 29 she suffered her first heart attack and stints were put in to help with blockages.

She's been visiting a MAYO clinic for over a year to monitor her heart. It's been decided that her heart is too small to add more stints. Her kidneys are failing as well. At a stage five renal failure and with her most recent heart attack a month ago, Celeste is praying for a donor.

While Celeste has been added to the national transplant list, it's all a waiting game now. Bags are packed and sitting in the car. Once she gets the call that there's a donor she has twenty-five minutes to get to the hospital. Until then she'll stay close to the phone, change out another bag of dialysis, and wait.

Ways you can help:

1. Celeste's family is raising money to help with medical bills. You can visit her Go Fund Me page here:

2. Become an organ donor! You can register online at

3. Yellow bracelets are also being sold for $3 a piece. If you'd like to purchase one in support of Celeste please let me know and I'll send you to the correct contact.

Friends and family wear yellow bracelets to help raise awareness and funds for Celeste's medical expenses.

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