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Clevenger Engagement

I think engagement photos are extremely important for couples for a few different reasons. It's possibly your first time interacting with your photographer with a camera in between you both. It eases some stress on your wedding day because you already know what to expect. You get to control the weather, or at least you have more flexibility and can reschedule or drive around whereas on your wedding day you don't have that flexibility. It's also a time to have fun! Engagement photos should say something about the couple. I try to suggest ideas based off of each couple's interests.

For Katie and Alix we went through a handful of ideas and ended up deciding on a session that's 100% unique to them. You see, they've been working on restoring an old farmhouse and making it their own. As they put work into making this house their own, they're also putting effort into their relationship and building a foundation for their future. I absolutely love the symbolism between their house and their relationship and was excited when they agreed!

Here are some of my favorite Chief photo bombs!

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