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James & Elise



This intimate micro wedding in Indianapolis wedding gave me all the feels. I'd like to say I coined micro wedding as that's how I'd best describe it, but it's a thing now!

I met these Elise and James months ago and from the start I knew I'd like them. I'm typically available for any of my couples for emotional support, advice during the planning process, or even to help craft. It's not often though a bride tells you that you're also a guest and you need to enjoy yourself at the wedding. She made me a place holder for goodness sake!

The wedding was at Late Harvest Kitchen, a classy restaurant beside The Fashion Mall. As we closed the private entrance gate to the patio I immediately felt like we had been transported. We were no longer near a busy road, but were thousands of miles away. Besides the three waiters we were on our own little moon, isolated and it was wonderful.

Everyone who was important to them was there. They had time to talk to everyone, take photos with everyone, and slow time down if even just for a few hours and take it all in. They were able to enjoy their wedding. It was perfect in every way.

I'm so happy these two found me and let me be a part of their wedding day. I hope to remain friends and meet up again, whether that's for some coffee at Hubbards or something a little stronger at Late Harvest.

Photos from the Buddhist Blessing.

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