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One Month Until Your Big Day

If you thought your engagement went by too fast, just wait until the last month before your wedding! It’s crazy to think about how quick that month goes by. You’re waiting on last minute guests to turn in their RSVPs, some décor hasn’t even been created, and you’ll have at least one moment where you consider eloping. It’s normal. Just take a minute and breathe.

Before you start checking items off this list, here is the absolute best advice I can give you: It will all come together. The items on your list that you couldn’t fit into your budget or just ran out of time to do—no one else will notice. I did not have one real flower at my wedding. I had eight fake bouquets for my bridesmaids and flower girls and besides our flower crowns, that was it. No boutonnieres, no flower petals, and no flower decorations. Guess what? Not one person noticed until I pointed it out to them. It’s your wedding. So long as you and your fiancé are there, that’s all you really need.

Cannon Wedding | January 2019

-Finalize your day of schedule down to the minute. The bridal party, wedding coordinator, and all other vendors should have a copy.

-Apply for a marriage license. In Indiana you have 10 days after your wedding to turn it back in. If you leave for your honeymoon right away ask someone else to turn it in for you. On a related note, get about four official copies to change your name on everything afterwards.

-Do a final call and check in on each of your vendors. Confirm everyone has the correct day and times. Go over all the little details too. This also includes giving your catering a final head count- If guests haven’t RSVP’d yet and you’ve tried reaching out then they need to bring their own seat and a sandwich!

-If you have assigned seating, make sure it’s finished. Ask a bridesmaid for help, your girls are there for you, just speak up!

-Make a list of what you need to pack for the day. Your dress, shoes, emergency kit with band aids and a sewing kit, deodorant, small snacks like granola and strawberries, water, etc. If your shoes are new, break them in by wearing them around the house a little bit. Check to make sure your fiancé has their list together as well! [[emergency kit essentials will be on another entry]]

-If you’re getting waxed or a tan make sure you leave yourself enough time so it looks natural. For waxing have it done about a week prior. For your tan a day or two prior so your dress isn’t stained or you don’t look too orange. Don't forget about your nails either.

-If you’re going on your honeymoon the next morning, pack ahead of time. Double check your travel arrangements. If you’re leaving the country make sure someone at home has a copy of your passport and driver’s license in case something happens.

-Writing your vows or exchanging letters? Try not to wait until the day of to finish those 😊

-After the wedding- Have a plan for cleaning up the venue if it’s not included. If you have tux rentals, typically those need to be returned the next day so have the best man or one of the other groomsmen pick up your fiance's tux.

-The final item is to remember to live in the moment. It'll go by fast. All your hard work over the past couple of months was to put together your version of the perfect wedding. Take a moment to take it all in.

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