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Picking The Best Venue For You

One of the first items couples need to check off their list is picking a venue. All other vendors will want to know what day your wedding is and that’s based off the venue you’ve booked. The venue can be the most expensive or the cheapest items for your wedding and can make or break your budget. Some questions to consider when booking a venue:

- How many guests will you be inviting? You don’t need an exact amount at this point, but most every venue will have a maximum amount you’ll need to stay under. Some venues you even pay per guest so having a rough estimate is key.

-Are there bridal suites on site that the bridal party can get ready in? It’s typically easier if everyone is in the same general area. It’ll help the photographer as well so they can go back and forth between both parties to take photos.

- Do you want a venue that’s all inclusive? Some venues have in house catering and tables with linens that you can use. Some even have day of planners! Is it an additional cost to have someone cut your cake? Some places it could be an additional $125 just to have someone cut your cake.

- Indoors versus outdoors: Do you want your ceremony outside and reception inside? Do they have a backup plan if it rains? What time of year do you want to get married? Is there air conditioning if it's too hot? Are there bathrooms for guests to use or do you need to rent a few portables?

- Can you have alcohol? Quite a few venues in Indiana will let you have beer and wine, but not all will let you have liquor. Can you hire your own bartenders or do they have some that work at the venue? Is an open bar or a cash bar an option?

- What hours are you able to use the venue? Can you come in the day before to decorate or do you have to decorate the morning of your wedding? Does the venue close at a specific time the day of your wedding or is there a noise ordinance in place that will cause the party to stop at a certain time? Can guests leave cars overnight and pick them up the next day?

-Is clean up included or do you have to clean up the night of your wedding?

Depending on what you decide, some parks are free to use. Locations that are specifically for weddings tend to run into the thousands. If you’re trying to cut a good chunk of change, look for some nontraditional locations such as restaurants with private areas or businesses that you can rent after their normal hours. Golf courses, museums, industrial buildings, gardens. Think outside of the box!

Long Engagement session at Coxhall Gardens

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