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The Hubers Hit the Fair



I love the fair! The food, the constant entertainment and the rides. I decided this year I just had to find some models so I could get some photos at the fair. I just met Matt and Amy a few weeks ago and was very excited when they volunteered to come with to the fair.

We went on Two for Tuesday which was very crowded and if it wasn't for the slight breeze it would have been a sauna. They were troopers and extremely patient when I asked to wait until people had passed or a ride was moving before we could get the perfect shot.

One photo I wanted to get was with Amy's ring and cotton candy, but they didn't serve any on a stick! Matt and Amy suggested getting a photo with an ear of corn-- genius! I've never seen an ear of corn used to showcase a ring so I was all for it!

This may not be their official engagement session, but they rocked it. I can't wait to show off the ideas I have for their real engagement photos!

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