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Small Business 


As small business owners we tend to wear lots of hats- customer relations, product creator, social media manager, and accountant to name a few. Let me help take a little off your plate! In one day we can knock out your social media posts for the quarter or set up a routine for quarterly photo refreshes so your website, marketing, and social media are always up to date. 


Before any photos are taken we sit down and plan your customized branding day. We plan out what sort of content you need for the quarter: special days, new products, headshots, promos you want to roll out, etc.  

Then we plan out your session. Do we need to go to multiple locations? Who do we want to be in the photos? We even plan it down to who should wear what so colors don't clash with your brand. 

We make a game plan and conquer it all in one day or break it up into two half days. 


Mini content day 

  • Set date every quarter for small businesses to get a quick refresh

  • One hour session at a predetermined location for $300


Content for the quarter 

  • Branding meeting to create a plan for the quarter

  • One content day for $500


Content for the year 

  • Branding meeting to plan for each quarter

  • Four content days at $450/quarter

  • Promo video add on for $250 

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